Develop Front-End for Webapp on existing backend and designs in React.JS

  • Hello Everybody,

    We are a Vienna based Start-Up working on an on-demand application for people to book local service providers in a matter of moments.

    We are looking for someone who can develop the front end of our web-app based on designs and a finished backend. The Web-App of course needs to be responsive and we are planing to migrate it also as a mobile app.

    Skills you will need:

    - At least 3-4 years of React experience(Redux is plus)
    - Excellent Javascript/ES6-7 knowledge
    - Excellent CSS design capabilities
    - Always keep up to date with current status of Web/JS Frameworks
    - Familiarity with RESTful APIs
    - Experience with Git and Github
    - Passion for detail and keeping of deadlines

    Please send me your CV, references and qualifications to:

    Start of the Project would be on Monday or [FONT=Gotham SSm, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Tuesday.
    We need you at least 45/h per week and need you to also work on weekends because of our tight schedule. Web-App will launch in mid October.
    Budget: 2.5k-4k


  • At least 3-4 years of React experience?

    More is not really possible, as the initial release was in March 2013, 4 years ago.

    We need you at least 45/h per week and one would need to work on weekends, but the budget (in total I assume) is 2.5-4k?

    So the Wep-App will launch in mid October, but your tight schedule just magically manifested this week or what?

    I would wish you good luck in your endeavors but I am not that cynical.

  • Budget is per developer.

    Then a few more questions:

    1) Each dev should work at least 45 hours/week and on weekends?
    2) Each dev gets that per what? As it says [Werkvertrag] I assume for the whole period until October?

  • Hi,

    1. Yes as we are on a very tight schedule.
    2. The project should be finished in 4 weeks. So yes.

    If you are interested please write me an email with your references, link to your GitHub Account and your Skype Username for Interview Purposes.