Survey: Business Negotiation Thinking in the Software Industry

  • heio ^_^

    a friend of mine working at the university of economics is doing a joint survey-study together with the kyoto university and they're looking for people who have worked in an IT-job in the last five years (anything remotely technical). The topic is "negotiations in business", with a very wide definition of negotiation (i.e. salary negotiations, internal discussions, coordination meetings with customers, etc all count). there's an option to get the results mailed when the study is done. the link to the survey can be found below.


    - topic: negotiations

    - target audience: worked in IT in the last 5 years

    - time: 15-25mins

    (it took me 25 but i got up several times and took extensive time for feedback in the free-form text-field at the end)

    side-note: the items on the first page need to be sorted via drag&drop (ignore the drop-downs)


    original announcement:

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