Sofware Engineer M/W, Remote, Network Marketing Software System

  • We are looking for a Software Engineer M/F (preferred German speaking) to extend a distributed system that has been developed for your company for more than 4 years now. The job is to extend the system to enhance the pricing module for clients and to make it compatible for network marketing (create a frontend from scratch). This involves several new software components such as a graph based database systems for customer relations. The idea in the long run is to add to the system a module to handle crypto payments, make it easy to install the system for other companies to use.

    The company is located in South America (Paraguay), the job can be done remotely, but the idea is as well to visit the company 1-2 a year to do maintenance in the POS System, Server infrastructure or even work directly from Paraguay. Housing would be included.

    Payment only in Crypto for remote jobs, USD possible if one works from Paraguay. Necessary to sign an NDA.

    Contact me if you are interested! E-Mail