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  • Will continue to be a part of the criticism of those who reject the text, the stale image of Chávez will not be discarded but the final argument will likely not come from that. In fact, apart from the In addition to the content, from an economic point of view, the discussion also focused on what was left out and defined by law, such as large-scale mining regulations. Unlike the Environment Committee, the Natural Rights Committee, the Common Natural Assets Committee and the Economic Model Committee, The Political System Committee and the National Forms Committee achieved ostensibly better results before the plenum, as they respectively achieved project pass rates of and . On the political system side, the main dispute centered around the legislative system.

    The fundamental conflict centered on The possibility of changing the so-called mirror legislative system, in which both houses must approve every bill and both can serve as the initial or reviewing house. Achieving a two-thirds consensus is a commitment phone number list to asymmetric bicameralism, i.e. The House of Politics and in practice the Second House from which the Bill is produced, I will act as a reviewer on almost all items. Both Houses will play a central role in nominating authorities and conducting constitutional charges. In terms of state form, the proposal has received various Horizontal support from political forces, including the conventional forces on the right, including the formation of a more decentralized regional state.

    Aside from the importance of these reform proposals, few see these as a matter of mobilizing voters (only support rejection of change in the legislative branch as their primary motivation), and in this case regionalization, which could mobilize a vote in favor. On the other hand, although a series of relevant definitions have been incorporated in this regard, there are still many reforms which have not been able to achieve a two-thirds agreement and are left for future legislation. For example, the Constitution does not provide for an electoral system. Also, the norm establishing a supermajority quorum for constitutional reforms failed to pass the plenary. Finally, the Committee on Fundamental Rights had a slightly higher success rate than the Environment Committee, and its article received support from.

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